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Is a dog or cat has documents saying it is legal UK?Moreover, two men who were working in slaughter house of pigs were find guilt for mistreatment of animal before pigs are slaughtered for beating them with baton and stubbing a lit cigarette on pigs.We thought that everyone in Britain lives in Palaces what ignorant and naive person I was and now I'm paying the price.

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I left my Country five years ago to come to Europe and my main goal was to reach England because of large Indian community in London also back home England seems like paradise.

I paid $10 000 to smugglers to bring me to London and it was wrong investment.

It was caught in secret camera that it was placed from Animal rights' group; they will be sentenced at Westminster Magistrates court in London. I can feel your pain but when you're illegal in Europe or USA a dog has more rights then illegal immigrants.

Where are human rights if I'm sleeping under bridge in cold weather of London, no food, homeless? It's good to come out and tell your story may be it will help others to know the true about life in England. People are living worse then me and I'm in Africa, I do house and I do have job, nice weather.

I never thought been an illegal immigrant can be so difficult in Britain, me and my fellow Indian don't have any documentation that reason we can't work.

Every day we go in car park outside Southall train station in west London standing like prostitutes for someone to pick us for very cheap labours.

But I don't think so I'm able to get back our gold but I'll be happy if they could give me document for me to able to work even like a cleaner.

I did posted my story because I want people back home in India and around world to know that England is not paradise, back home I was living like a human being despite we didn't have so much.

Like one who are qualified for some government benefits end up living for rest of their live stucking in government benefits that mean you can't support yourself, you're on bottom of society.

One thing is puzzling in my head, how come a dog can live better than human being?

I came to Great Britain illegally in look for of a better life and to find paradise, but the reality turned out to be far removed from what I dreamed of.

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