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Like one who are qualified for some government benefits end up living for rest of their live stucking in government benefits that mean you can't support yourself, you're on bottom of society.

One thing is puzzling in my head, how come a dog can live better than human being?

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your story is so sad and i can feel the pain in you. Once we get it, we have to come back home to develop our own countries with what we've learned. Jean , Pyeongtaek, Korea (South) It is better to stay in ones country and find solutions to local problems, since the new government came in, the treatment of people from outside the European Union has become unbearable.

So if you have the opportunity to visit, do that and return home, please don't sell everything to here.

Dixon , Royaume Kongo People in Luanda don't believe anymore in this type propaganda, immigrants who are leaving in Europe or in America they have good live. No paradise on earth and be content of what you have and be faithful to Jesus that when he comes back you will be save and go to heaven with him. Nseke , Masi Manimba, DRC Your story is so helpful for those who plan to migrate abroad without clear purposes.

Some many Angolans returned home from portugal and others European countries they look like their arrived from Third World countries. Miguel , Luanda, Angola I am reading your story right now, i bast into tears, i can't stop crying. I do think that the thing we mostly need from developing countries is EDUCATION, trainings.

My parents had to sell their house and borrowed some money from family members for me to come to Britain to find better life and work to pay back their money.

Now I know it's impossible for me to pay back that money that I owed my parent and some of family members.British people came to India occupy our country, colonised us and robbed our resources, we never say British people were illegal in India then why I'm called an illegal immigrant!I'm not going no way I come to reclaim what British people stolen for us for century!Yemi , England The UK, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany ...these small European countries thieves of the world's resources.Are animals have more right then illegal immigrants in Britain? Patel , USA, New York I always want to go to live in England. The hype of modern world and it's easy to succeed in Britain. John , Accra, Ghana I was deported five years ago from Britain. Life was tough working with another person documents to try to survive in London.

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