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Navalny's report made no claim that Vashukevich knew anything about a Russian campaign to influence the U. election, and she has produced no evidence that she does.

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Anastasia Vashukevich, whose extraordinary claims and racy selfies have propelled her to internet fame in recent weeks, told The Associated Press from a police van Wednesday that she fears for her life, and wants to exchange information on alleged Russian ties to Donald Trump's campaign for her own personal safety.

But she refused for now to offer any such evidence, and it's not clear if she has any.

If you don’t get a satisfactory answer, keep pushing them until you do. That’s not acceptable, push for a better response.” The Good Grief Trust supports her campaign and is working to prevent this situation from happening again.

PATTAYA, Thailand (AP) - A Belarusian woman jailed in Thailand for offering sex lessons without a work permit says she has a story to tell involving the Kremlin, Russian billionaires and even the president of the United States.

Her husband, Chris, died unexpectedly just over a year ago, and his daughters were discovered cuddling him in bed.

He looked after the kids, Pearl and Iris, while Helen often traveled for work.

The Russian court imposed an injunction, and communications providers blocked access to Navalny's website for several weeks until he deleted the videos. Navalny and his political opponents."A request for comment Wednesday from the Russian government went unanswered.

Peter Carr, a spokesman for Mueller, declined to comment Wednesday.

I can’t leave the room without her shouting for me or wanting to be with me.” Helen now wants schools to call second and third numbers if children don’t arrive in the morning.

Her mother had driven over to the family house in Halifax — a town in West Yorkshire, about 30 miles northeast of Manchester and 200 miles north of London — but couldn’t open the door and noticed the windows were dark and milk had been left out.

But now Vashukevich says - so far without proof - that she can link the Kremlin to Trump and Manafort, who worked for Deripaska a decade before Trump hired him.

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