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In short, stop treating dates like dates and just have fun.

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Understanding where a relationship crosses over from healthy to abusive is important.

Look for the signs: Dating violence is dangerous and many teens do not report it because they are afraid to tell their family and friends what they are experiencing. Call our free and confidential Hotline at 412-687-8005 for support.

Lower your expectations of the date, or better still, don’t have any expectations at all.

That way, you’ll be more relaxed and your date is going to see the real you instead of the person you’re pretending to be to impress him.

These 13 things set our local dating scene apart from just about anywhere. Quality culinary experiences can be had for as little as $40 for a pair and pretending to like opera can happen for as low as about $12 per ticket. With a population of just over 300,000, this city is small enough that some dating crossover is bound to happen.

Get ready for the “wait, how do you guys know each other? Like some weird alternate reality, every single dating site and app has the exact same singles on it.Founder of the Naughty Empire and author of two award-winning travel guides, “Naughty Girl’s Guide to Los Angeles” and “Naughty Girl’s Guide to Las Vegas,” Sienna Sinclaire has spent over ten years spent in the adult industry as a burlesque dancer and sex coach.Sinclaire has devoted her time as a freelance writer on the topic of all things naughty and has developed the first and only “Naughty Tours of Los Angeles” and hosts weekly naughty events in Los Angeles.Go with the flow—you can’t control life and you can’t control people, but you can control your own happiness.Recognizing that things won’t always go as planned is a big step to enjoying a successful dating lifestyle.Right.’ Think of dating as a blank canvas that hasn’t been painted yet.

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