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When over 50 percent of your campus is involved with Greek life, you are guaranteed to make a Top 10 list like this.That number doesn’t even include freshmen because they are not eligible to join until their first semester of their sophomore year.

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Penn State founded its first fraternity in 1872, but was quickly shut down because “the faculty at the time felt that fraternities were generally bad and would not promote the proper atmosphere at the university.” Let’s just say the Penn State fraternities and sororities have been on double-secret probation for a long time.

According to University of Florida senior Stephanie Farina, “Upon meeting someone [at UFL] the first thing they ask is your name and the second question is ‘are you in a frat or sorority’?

Roughly 34% of undergraduates are members fraternities or sororities.

“Fundraisers, parties, and pre-game tailgates are all run by the fraternities and sororities,” said Lehigh sophomore Cody Thaller.

They are however still allowed to participate in Greek life events.“Greek life is THE biggest part of Bucknell,” said Bucknell University junior Andrew Roach.

“Only sophomores, juniors and seniors can be part of it and it feels like they are all in it. One of the frats had a Barstool U Black Out event this fall.Remember how IU beat number one ranked Kentucky in basketball back in December ’11?If you are from Indiana or go to IU, I am sure that you remember very clearly the buzzer beater that shocked Kentucky.Tommy would also like to add some hard evidence, stating, “we rage hard.” In case anyone had any doubts of why Alabama should make the list.At Lehigh, Greek life plays a major role in the college experience.We all know that the Lambda Lambda Lamdba chapter at Adams College is the most sought after fraternity in the Nation, but what schools should truly make the College Magazine Top 10 Greek Life Schools list?

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