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They are however still allowed to participate in Greek life events.“Greek life is THE biggest part of Bucknell,” said Bucknell University junior Andrew Roach.

“Only sophomores, juniors and seniors can be part of it and it feels like they are all in it. One of the frats had a Barstool U Black Out event this fall.

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Sex dating in lehigh alabama

Remember how IU beat number one ranked Kentucky in basketball back in December ’11?

If you are from Indiana or go to IU, I am sure that you remember very clearly the buzzer beater that shocked Kentucky.

“If you’re not in a frat or sorority at Lehigh, you end up spending your weekends in them anyway, so in a way the social aspect at Lehigh more or less revolves around Greek life.

Not only do the Greeks party hard, but they study even harder; over 37% of the Greeks made the dean’s last semester. “For fundraising the Greeks have a big event where they put a giant seesaw out on the University Center front lawn and have people riding it all day to raise money for cancer research.” Giant seesaw? Cody also informed me that a couple of years back Chiddy Bang performed at a frat party. Penn State will most likely go down in the history books on some sort of top whatever partying list.

When over 50 percent of your campus is involved with Greek life, you are guaranteed to make a Top 10 list like this.

That number doesn’t even include freshmen because they are not eligible to join until their first semester of their sophomore year.Tommy would also like to add some hard evidence, stating, “we rage hard.” In case anyone had any doubts of why Alabama should make the list.At Lehigh, Greek life plays a major role in the college experience.IU Greek life prides itself on its scholarships, philanthropy, social involvement (Greek week, formal dances and even barn dances), on campus leadership, competitions like IU Sing and intramural sports.Perhaps the biggest thing that the Greeks participate in is the Little 500, aka the “Worlds Greatest College Weekend.” It’s the largest collegiate bike race in the United States and the Greeks enter and cheer on their bike teams.“Our Greek life is a huge but close knit community that just runs the entire campus,” said IU junior Jamie Kaminsky.” With 38 fraternities and 26 sororities the odds are pretty good that the answer will be yes.

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