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In the year 1868 was solemnized the mar- riage of ]\Ir. He is a son of Daniel and Savannah (Woodland) Rench, both of whom were born and reared in Germany, where was solemnized their marriage and whence they immigrated to the United States at an early day. After arrival in this country the Rench family located in Bond count}', Illi- nois, whei-e the father turned his attention to farming operations and where he passed the closing years of his life, his demise having occurred about 1865, at which time Daniel R. Being thus early bereft of parental care and guid- ance he was placed in the home of an Ameri- can family to be reared and educated.

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Among other things he learned bookkeeping and to-day he is an expert accountant. This con- cern is one of the important business enter- prises in this city and one of its best assets is the substantial and wholly reliable character of its managers. Rench is possessed of remarkable executive ability and tremendous vitality, both of which qualities have been such important factors in his rise to promi- nence and influence in the business world of Cape Girardeau. Rench married Miss Eliza Costley, who was born and reared at Raymond, Illinois, and who is a daughter of William and Maria (Mayz) Costley. In a fraternal way he is affiliated with the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and in their religious faith the family are stanch Presbyterians. Rench was originally a German Baptist, a branch of the Lutheran church. Among the newer cit- izenship of Washington is Griffin Watkins, who in the short time of his residence here has manifested certain traits and ideals which made him a distinct acquisition from the civic and social viewpoint, as well as the business, and it is consistent with the purpose of this volume that a resume of Ins life and achieve- ments be incorporated in this volume. The senior Watkins was born in that locality, as was also the grandfather, W. Watkins, Sr., who was a pioneer or at least one of that early company's immediate successors.

For a time after reach- ing manhood he was in the lumber and hard- ware business at Raymond, Illinois, where he was a heavy stockholder in the E. He is superintendent of the Washington factory of the Roberts, Johnson & Rand Shoe Company of St. The subject's maternal ancestors, the Cockrills, were likewise early Tennesseans.

He makes a specialty of raising a su- perior grade of stock, keeping ten head of cattle, fifty horses and mules, and forty hogs, raising sufficient hay and corn for feeding purposes. He is strictly self-made and the fine, substantial buildings in the midst of well cultivated fields are the best indications of the practical ability and industry of the owner. Unwaveringly he has done the right as he has interpreted it.

Most of his atten- tion has been devoted to diversified agricult- ure and the raising of high-grade stock. Pos- sessed of an inflexible will, he is quietly per- sistent, always in command of his powers and never showing anger under any circum- stances. The history of a nation is nothing more than a history of the individ- uals comprising it, and as they are character- ized by loftier or lower ideals, actuated by the spirit of ambition or indifference, so it is with a state, county or town.

The passing years have justified his course and he has proved one of the world's productive workers.

From the age of six- teen years until he attained to his legal ma- jority he was employed in a general store at Mooers, New York, and he then passed about one year "on the road" as a commercial sales- man.He was a Democrat in his political proclivities, was affiliated with the Grand Army of the Re- public, and both he and his wife were mem- bers of the Methodist Episcopal church.They continued to reside in New York state until their death, secure in the high regard of all who knew them. Gilbert very early showed an insistent predilection for business affaix's and, in fact, he left school when but sixteen years of age, much against the wishes of his pa- rents, in order to initiate his independent career.In 1909 he established his perma- nent home at Bonne Terre, where he has since been engaged in the real-estate and in- surance business, in which his operations have been constantly expanding in scope and im- portance and to the benefit of the community at large. He married first, in 1SS2, in Dunklin county, Lutie Brooks, who died in early womanhood, leaving one child, Hettie, who is married and lives on the home farm.He was one of the most influential in effecting the organization of the Commer- cial Club, of which he is secretary, and he has done much to further its high civic ideals and its policies for industrial and commercial progress. He married for his second wife Mary Wells, who at her death left three children, namely: Alvin, Fred and Charles. Walls married, November 26, 1902, Belle Keeth, and to them three children have been born, namely : Pearlie, Lester and Bertha. Madison county, IMissouri, has been and is signally favored in the class of men who have contributed to its develop- ment along commercial and agricultural lines, and in the latter connection William Bray demands recognition, as he has passed prac- tically his entire active career in farming operations.His mother's maiden name was Lucinda Miller and she, too, is a native of Missouri. Wood is the second of a family of eight chil- dren. Meeting with encouraging success in his imdertakings, he has since bought other tracts of wild land, buying first another forty-acre tract adjoin- ing his first purchase, and five years later adding eight.y acres on the same side of the road. residing in Missouri until their respective deaths; John was long a merchant at King's store, Bollinger county, Missouri, and two children, a boy and a girl, died in Perry county. Bray, of this notice, was twelve years of age at the time of his parents' removal to Missouri, where he was reared to maturity, his early educational discipline consisting of such privileges as were afforded in the public schools of Perry and iladison counties.

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