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Compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act is an institutional responsibility.

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I know this seems obvious, but it is the most important thing to remember when assembling your own Bug-Out Bag. Once you've got your bag or pack together, practice.

(I'll explain in a bit.) There are a lot of descriptions available on-line for Bug-Out Bag. But whether you decide to make one of your own, or decide to purchase a pre-made bag, you need to keep in mind it must be applicable to YOUR unique circumstances. Maybe you'll also be carrying a firearm or a larger medical bag.

(Spare batteries are not shown but we have them packed.) 29.

This is an LED flood and single-point light with a strong rare-earth magnet and a hanging hook.

One shirt, pants, two pairs of underwear, three pair of socks.

(1) Your situation is probably quite different than ours; (2) This does not cover any self-protection requirements (we have other systems for that); and (3)Remember: weight and 72 hours.

But before you recommend a small solar panel, communication devices, alternate food types, etc., remember three things.

Because a Bug-Out Bag seems to be similar to choices in weapons, cars, sporting teams or spousal types (meaning, men especially can argue forever about these things), I expect a lively debate about what should be included.

You want something that can easily cover the pack on your back. The strands can be separated and used for hundreds of things. Spare ALICE pouch for things that should be close at hand. It won't do you a bit of good to run out of the burning house with empty canteens. Not as strong as metal grommets to be sure, but a lot easier to install in troubled times. You'll still be alive after three days but probably pretty hungry.

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