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During that ambulance ride, Walsh’s heart stopped beating for two and a half minutes; it took two jolts from a defibrillator to get it going again.The ambulance raced to the Cape May Court House Armory, so Walsh could be flown by helicopter to a nearby hospital for emergency surgery.

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The baby’s mother, Tanya, told police purse snatchers had kidnapped her son, setting off a massive search for the infant.

But Walsh and his partner, Michael Duffy, didn’t believe the mother.

She finally confessed that she had drowned her baby in a bathtub, dismembered the body with a carving knife and scattered the remains in the Neshaminy Creek and the Lehigh River.

“He was bothering me,” the mother told the detectives.“This guy is such a legend in the Philadelphia police department and the DA’s office,” says Ogren, a former Philadelphia assistant district attorney.

“If there was such a thing as a Philadelphia law enforcement hall of fame, Walsh would be in it.”Walsh was the guy the DA’s office called on to track down dozens of priests in the Philadelphia archdiocese who had sexually abused hundreds of children.

But he was able to arrest only one of those priests, because hundreds of sex crimes he helped uncover were so old that the statute of limitations had expired.When rookie police officer Daniel Boyle was killed after stopping a suspect in a speeding stolen car, it was Walsh who took the killer’s confession from a hospital bed (after the killer had tried to commit suicide by setting himself on fire).Walsh’s most famous case involved the disappearance of 2-month-old Zachary Dacri.But the other accused man, Bernard Shero, a former Catholic schoolteacher, was doing eight to 16 years, while his family was going broke trying to appeal his case.After his heart attack, Walsh met with Jeffrey Ogren, Shero’s lawyer, he said he would do whatever he could to help his client get out of jail.Doctors there implanted two stents in the left coronary artery and gave Walsh morphine for the pain in his chest.

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