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It includes important information, such as the day and time of the chat, as well its overarching theme.

Now that you know the basics, there are some best practices to be aware of when seeking out, and participating in, a hashtag chat.

In the research stage, you want to ensure that you research your moderator thoroughly. Does his related content promote a message you agree with or enjoy?

Additionally, never forget that you’re representing yourself, your company, and your brand to potential contacts.

It’s a fine line to walk, but it’s important to find the balance between humble student and established professional.

Once you’ve found a chat and are ready to respond to a question, remember that it’s important to be honest.

(How else will you get proper feedback and learn anything?

After all, you’re taking on the role of a teacher, guru, and Sherpa for others looking to you to learn, and that’s no small thing.

On Twitter, you have the opportunity to speak with your heroes, find your mentors, build your brand, and have honest (if truncated) conversations with people. Indulge your obsessions, hobbies, and side hustles.

Unless you know that a chat and its corresponding hashtag exist, you won’t be able to participate.

To review an alphabetical list of better-known chats, check out this Google Spreadsheet.

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