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The aim is to reduce the infrastructure cost while optimizing the use of hardware resources. The sprawl of SQL Server instances implies the increase of complexity to administrate and the increase of the total cost of licenses.

Furthermore, the advent of virtualization appeared as a consolidation accelerator.

Indeed, today the provisioning of the servers in production environment and others becomes easier regarding a configuration standard while sharing the resources of a physical computer between virtual hosts.

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The number of IT projects about consolidation has increased these last years. TCO reduction is certainly the best argument for the financial managers.

The response is no, because consolidation provides a lot of advantages.

2 other VM's running but neither will be being access \ written to (very low) (one is a Win 7 VM running Sage, the other a Windows 2008 R2 which is just an machine we use to RDP onto to then gain access to other VM's in the COLO).

You think it will be done by the morning if I kick it off now?

My other concern is with the speed that it's currently running at I dont want to kick off the consolidation and it take the machine offline (due to high disk activity) for days as it's barely accessible now through OWA with a lot of lag and time outs. Squarespace’s all-in-one platform gives you everything you need to express yourself creatively online, whether it is with a domain, website, or online store.

One thing that concerns me is that the VM has moved from a new version of ESX. I've had bad experiences of VM's not booting after doing that. Get started with your free trial today, and when ready, take 10% off your first purchase with offer code 'EXPERTS'.

so, sit tight, grab a coffee, go and watch a movie etc Can you tell me how much storage is free ? 1 - Will performing the merge revert them back to old Exchange data? 3 - Do we leave the VM machine (guest) on for this process or shut it down?

and we will continue, with the next steps you must perform and try... As for how long it will take, here's the spec of the server: Server is a DL120 G7 will 3 x SATAIII Drives in RAID 5 on a Smart Array B110i RAID Controller.

We are concerned about moving the VM back to SERVER A until we know it is stable.

Shut the VM down, copied the files to the backup VM server (which is the spec below).

This merge is going to take several hours, it could take seconds, minutes, hours, days or weeks to complete, this depends on the storage system, and how fast the storage is.

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