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Man C: I married a girl my age and dated a couple others who were around my age.

They don't really know what they want and are still finding their way. With girls my own age, we only had sex a few times a month.

Vin, though, is the MAN ♥ I'd hire his sweet self in a New York minute if I could afford to!

He has the most wonderful LAUGH, to begin with - he just LOSES himself and makes you laugh with him, and he says that when he has a woman in front of him, he's a happy man!

He tries to find out right up front what a woman wants and needs and then does his best to supply her with it, and I've never seen him fail.

Vin has a warm and caring heart and he has no problem making a woman feel loved and cared for - it's just what he DOES ♥ All in all, I hope this show goes on for years and years!With a fresh cast of eleven sexy guys and girls, Paradise Hotel 2 offers more drama, passion, and manipulation than its predecessor. See full summary » Enter the world of Damon Lawner creator of SNCTM.SNCTM is not only an exclusive club, it's an experience where you can live out your wildest fantasies and feel free to explore your true ...See full summary » I've always been fascinated with relationship dynamics and I've watched this show evolve ever since Day One. To the detractors: this is the oldest profession I know of - why?Because people want what they want and if we can't get it, some of us can buy it, and those of us who can, do.Too many people in their fifties and beyond have given up on ever meeting a new partner or new friends.

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