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Latin American Club definitely falls into the dive category (and is a club in name only), but it’s a great place to start a night in the Mission.

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Everyone knows that the male:female ratio in SF is like a Mariah Carey music video (8:1), so HT is perfect for a girls night out if you’re more in the market for a GBF than a BF, or if you just happen to be in the mood for a $5 basket of wings on a Monday.

Soda Popinski’s is the perfect weekday spot for tricking your friends into going out.

The margaritas are strong - Khal Drogo strong - but downing one and attempting to retain all of your memories from the night is a San Francisco rite of passage.

Bar None is the centerpiece of the Marina - it epitomizes the principles of frattiness and athleticism that our Marina forefathers fought to preserve.

It’s a great place to go with friends or coworkers and meet other people, not just because the beer selection is great, but because even though the trivia stakes are pretty low, the team rivalry escalates as the night goes on.

Boom Boom Room is the La La Land of San Francisco bars, in that it’s a mostly-white crowd and everyone is “really into jazz.” The live music is awesome and varies between jazz, funk and blues based on the night.

Madrone is a chameleon: the theme and crowd changes every night.

Motown Mondays are filled with the TRX/Lululemon set trying to pretend it’s still the weekend, while the Prince/MJ Experience on Saturdays is sprinkled with a lot of artsy folk.

Hi Tops is a good place to start the night if you’re set on going out in the Castro, but want to ease into it before inevitably ending up at Beaux.

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