Senior dating in the bay area

Drinks are inexpensive, but the bar is cash only so come prepared.The Dirty Rotten Dance Party on the first Friday of the month is an excellent way to kick off the weekend.

The average demographic skews young, but if you miss the days of playing flip cup and beer pong, look no further.

It’s the perfect place to walk down memory lane and bask in the stench of stale beer and expired youth.

It’s just a normal kind of bar where you can usually snag a booth.

The crowd is super local, which means this is the ideal spot to actually talk to those people you avoid eye contact with on the Muni every morning. If you’re out for a night in the Castro, you should know that all roads lead to Beaux.

Latin American Club definitely falls into the dive category (and is a club in name only), but it’s a great place to start a night in the Mission.

The crowd runs the full SF spectrum (old-school locals to new-school tech people), and the tight, always-packed space breeds conversation with strangers.

The margaritas are strong - Khal Drogo strong - but downing one and attempting to retain all of your memories from the night is a San Francisco rite of passage.

Bar None is the centerpiece of the Marina - it epitomizes the principles of frattiness and athleticism that our Marina forefathers fought to preserve.

Madrone is a chameleon: the theme and crowd changes every night.

Motown Mondays are filled with the TRX/Lululemon set trying to pretend it’s still the weekend, while the Prince/MJ Experience on Saturdays is sprinkled with a lot of artsy folk.

Take advantage of the dirt-cheap drinks to treat those coworkers you like enough (but not enough to buy them regularly-priced cocktails).

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