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As you drive along the road to Keppel Bay, look out for the magnificent sunset views.Prive has a very dim and quiet atmosphere – essential for a romantic ambience. Cost: The ala carte dishes costs about on average.May not taste good, but hey, it’s the thought that counts right! You can even go on a double or triple date with your best friends, but remember to ask your girlfriend for permission first! The cinema showcase different genres of films and movies – indies, classics, horror, action flicks, you name it!

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Has your girlfriend been bugging you to take pictures of her like those #Followmeto posts? If you decide to stop by the Railways at Bukit Timah, don’t forget to stop by the Singapore Quarry which is about a 10 mins walk away. Located on the rooftop of People’s Park complex, the secret spot has become not so secret now.

Also, instead of going to hipster spots like Haw Par Villa, head over to less crowded Telok Ayer instead where there are sites worthy of an IG post. But if you’re not in the loop yet, do head over for a different experience.

Rock climbing may be known as an extreme sport, but honestly, it’s the safer version as compared to skydiving.

If you and your date are afraid of feeling sweaty and icky, this rock climbing gym is inside a mall, which means you won’t be sweating as much due to the air-conditioned setting!

Put on a tank top and flex your muscles as you climb the walls; your date will be impressed.

Best thing is, you pay once for a whole day’s worth of play.

Cost: for youths (13-17) for adults (18 and above) (You’ll have to pay an extra for registration if it’s your first time there!

) For couples out there who aren’t afraid to get hot and wet, this is the place for you to go.

For those more serious couples, you can make use of this quiet time to plan your future.

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