Secret dating places in singapore

expensive, and sometimes, even if you want to bring your girlfriend out for a good time, you’ve always hesitated because there are just so few places that don’t cost cost an arm and a leg? The problem isn’t Singapore; it’s not you’ve not dug enough for good and hidden places in Singapore that are not just romantic, and cheap as well.

And you’re welcome in advance, you woody boyfriends who are always trying to be romantic.

Most of the museums in Singapore like the Singapore Art Museum and National Museum offer free admissions for Singaporeans and PRs. Start camping on Saturday night and wake up on Sunday to a fun-filled day!

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Always bored during your commute to and fro work or school?

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Put on a tank top and flex your muscles as you climb the walls; your date will be impressed.

Best thing is, you pay once for a whole day’s worth of play.

It’ll be a refreshing experience, especially since it has a cafe on the lower level. For the laid back couples, you can read a book and simply enjoy the breeze, and each other’s company of course!

Don’t forget to apply for a camping permit at any AXS machine!Pedal boating requires a minimum of two people, which is just nice for a date!Spend the time having a light-hearted conversation as you pedal together, reminiscing the memories or creating new ones.There are two swings on the second floor where you and your girlfriend can sit by sit, enjoy some coffee, look out of the window and spend quality time.For those with transport, you can head over to Prive @Keppel sometime around 6pm.If you have never been to this UNESCO site, what are you waiting for?

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