Second life dating scams

Thousands of people have been victimized by online romance scams and wind up not only embarrassed but with financial losses averaging more than ,000 per person. Not only do victims suffer emotionally and financially, but some may have long term effects resulting from an online romance scam.

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I'm single and a male and yes I look on all types of sites for someone to be with and enjoy life together.

Now, I recently joined two dating sites I did not know about the first Friend Finder and the second Loveaholics.

And the so called lady's they call Internet Model's !

Should be called Scam Artist for you'll Never meet any of them.

For instance, a fifty year old woman with a love of horses may receive messages from an individual claiming to be a sixty year old business executive who owns a ranch.

After a few weeks of charming conversation the victim will be asked for money.Everyone I chat with sooner or later tell's me to go pay to chat with them in a chat room !!Again just a Big Scam to rip off the hard earned monies of men in the world.Some victims have been asked to cash their supposed sweetheart’s pay check and then wire-transfer the money back to them because they are unable to cash it themselves.These checks are fraudulent no matter how real they may appear.No matter what the scheme is, victims who fall for the initial contact receive follow up pleas of help until the victim runs out of money or catches on to the con.

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