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Now, in its latest…Maqbool Ahmad A case of meromelia, I met in streets around Bunni chowk, Rawalpindi.A courageous man who has refused to accept his disability as a hurdle.User profile properties are name/value pairs attached to user profiles that provide personal information about the user.

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In such cases, you can create new user profile properties and map them to existing properties in directory services or to properties in LOB applications registered in the Business Data Catalog.

The new user profile properties are then available for all user profiles.

If you import Active Directory data from the current domain or from the entire forest for the current domain, you do not have to separately add and configure import connections.

You can customize the data source configuration settings to import from a domain controller that hosts Active Directory directory service, an LDAP server, or the Business Data Catalog.

By default, Office Share Point Server 2007 can import from the Active Directory directory service, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) servers, and from line-of-business (LOB) applications registered in the Business Data Catalog.

Administrators manage the list of user profiles, the list of properties displayed in all user profiles, and the values for properties in individual profiles.

If you have to connect to data in LDAP directory services, multiple domains, or forests, or from an LOB system through the Business Data Catalog, you must add and configure each of these connections separately.

Data is imported from all connected sources at the same time. Incremental imports include only the user profiles added since the last import.

By default, Office Share Point Server 2007 provides a set of frequently used user profile properties.

Sometimes these user profile properties are insufficient, and you might need additional properties.

Administrators and users can edit values for all properties, depending on the personalization policy for each property.

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