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Next, Johnny Johns takes Tessa and Scott through a mind boggling spreadsheet of every element and point value in their program. Scott needs to bend the knee a little bit more and quicker, the next time he steps onto his twisting foot. Don’t worry, the point here is that it’s incredibly complicated.

The footwork is a very high-value element, but they only scored a level two. Skating is a job and this is the performance evaluation.

They started skating together in 1997, and since then together they have won three-time World Championship, Olympic Gold Medal in 2010, Olympic Silver Medal in 2014, and many more.

They are together for 20 years and as of now know each other very well.

The three-time Olympic medallists and world champions, Tessa Virtue along with her ice dance partner of 20 years, Scott Moir are all set to carry the Canadian flag in an Olympic opening ceremony in Pyeongchang, South Korea going to be held on 9th February 2018. Canadian ice dancer Tessa Virtue hasn't introduced anyone her boyfriend to date.

Well, Moir is her professional partner, but what about her life partner? She hasn't also mentioned anyone as her love partner in her Instagram.

Tessa says she and Scott lead very different lives off the ice and are very different people in every sense.

For example, Tessa would never pee outdoors, especially when she knew a camera crew was in full view.

Just in case you missed it, we’re given an extended close up of Scott’s face in the best expression ever to happen in a kiss and cry. Back in Michigan, Coach Marina is making major changes to their choreography.

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