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Awad said just two days before his resignation, Hariri met Ali Akbar Velayati, an influential former Iranian foreign minister who is close to Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khameini.

"The sequence of events and the meetings that took place before Hariri's resignation do not make any sense," Awad told Al Jazeera.

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The Kushner deal will practically fragment the Saudi-sponsored 2002 Arab Peace Plan that offered Israel full normalisation in return for full withdrawal from Arab lands occupied in 1967.

By pressuring Abbas to accept the deal, the Saudi leadership is undermining its own initiative, accepting to partially normalise relations with Israel in exchange for an alliance against Iran.

Saad Hariri's resignation as Lebanese prime minister could lead to an extended crisis in the country with neither Iran nor Saudi Arabia achieving their preferred outcomes, analysts told Al Jazeera.

Hariri quit in a televised speech while in Saudi Arabia on Saturday, just 11 months into his second stint as premier, plunging the country into uncertainty.

"While there are some less prominent Sunni leaders who are close to the party, it will be a huge gamble to go ahead in such a course of action since it would likely escalate tensions, with the possibility of witnessing street demonstrations," he said.

Without Hariri's Future Movement joining the government, one option according to Shebaya is "a technocratic government that could be headed by former prime ministers Najib Mikati or Tammam Salam with the sole aim of taking the country forward to next summer's elections".In the aftermath of the resignation, "The resignation was a Saudi order, forced upon him and was not his wish or his desire," Nasrallah said."We know how Prime Minister Hariri talks and his political phrases, this was unlike him." Lebanese journalist Ibrahim Awad shares Nasrallah's scepticism, pointing out that Hariri's speech stood in stark contrast to his recent behaviour.Abbas' cooperation is essential for Saudi-Israeli normalisation to proceed; without it, the Saudi move would be seen as a betrayal to the Arab and Muslim position on Palestine.Although not much has been revealed about what really happened during Abbas' visit to Riyadh, some reports talk about the Saudi leadership pressuring Abbas to accept whatever plan Kushner puts forward, or to resign.Driven by succession plans and a strategy to confront Iran's influence in the Arab region, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) has engaged in several taboo-breaking steps.

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