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For much of the 1960s, WOR-TV was a standard independent station with a schedule composed of some local public affairs shows, off-network programs, children's shows such as Friendly Giant (which later moved to WNDT) and Romper Room (which moved to the station from WNEW-TV in 1966), sporting events, and a large catalog of movies, some of which came from the RKO Radio Pictures film library.Until 1990, the station had a tradition of showing King Kong, Son of Kong and Mighty Joe Young on Thanksgiving and Godzilla films the day after Thanksgiving.

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During the early years of RKO General ownership, WOR-TV moved back to Times Square, and closer to its radio station sisters.

Channel 9's studios were co-located with WOR radio at 1440 Broadway (near West 40th Street) for several years.

WOR-TV entered the New York market as the last of the city's VHF stations to sign on, and one of three independents—the others being WPIX (channel 11) and Newark, New Jersey-based WATV (channel 13, later WNTA-TV).

On WOR-TV's opening night, a welcome address was read by WOR radio's morning host, John B. However, the audio portion of the speech was not heard because of a technical glitch.

The subsidiaries were then brought together under the General Teleradio name.

The main impetus for the merger was to give General Tire a controlling share in the Mutual Radio Network, which was affiliated with and partially owned by WOR and other stations.

Channel 9 signed on the air on October 11, 1949 as WOR-TV.

It was owned by the Bamberger Broadcasting Service (a division of R. Macy and Company and named after the Bamberger's department store chain), which also operated WOR radio (710 AM) and WOR-FM (98.7, now WEPN-FM).

WWOR-TV's transmitter is located atop One World Trade Center.

WWOR is available to Dish Network subscribers as part of the satellite provider's superstations package (available to grandfathered subscribers that purchased the a la carte tier before Dish halted sales of the package to new customers in September 2013), except in markets where the local My Network TV affiliate invokes syndication exclusivity to block access to WWOR's programming within the market.

For the defunct television station that formerly used this callsign, see WJZB-TV.

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