Sakura dating naruto

He wears a light green gi for his shirt that ends just below his waste. " The boy had a smile that reached from ear to ear."I told you that it's not peaking! " Jiraiya sighed, a look of defeat written all over his face. Let's go." With that, Jiraiya's demeanor changed and he now wore his own smile."YES! She thought that she would check with the guards on duty to see if they had received any word that Naruto might be coming back soon.

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Before Sakura left for her trip, she asked Sarada to bring a certain doll to a patient at the hospital.

The task was an easy one for Sarada until she accidentally loses it on the train.

But, I figured if I like to write stories, why not let the people of the internet see how I do. It parted in the middle revealing a somewhat large forehead.

Her forehead protector was situated on a red cloth that was tied around just above where her hair parted. She wore a sleeveless red blouse which had a zipper that ran from the collar all the way down to the end of the blouse.

A little note about the story: It follows they story of Shippuden's beginning with a few changes. Once it reaches the middle though, it branches off and becomes my own story from there. So any suggestions there would greatly help my writing. Someone is speaking inside their head."Quote marks": Someone is speaking out loud. : DChapter 1: Naruto's Return It was a sunny day in Konoha and Sakura Haruno was out taking a stroll around the village.

This is my first fic, and I was pretty nervous to upload it. Anything else you guys spot, feel free to point them out, and I'll do my best to work it into my writing. A break line: An end to a scene and moving to a new one. She didn't know why, but today felt like a special day to her. Her hair was as pink as a cherry blossom and flowed down to the end of her face on either side.

Sasuke hasn’t made an appearance in the anime series yet, but his wife, Sakura, and daughter, Sarada made sure that fans are reminded of him.

Sakura, who currently works in Hidden Leaf Village’s hospital, went on a short vacation with her childhood friend, Ino.

To finish off her look, she wore a pair of open toed black boots that stopped just below her knees.

It was two and a half years ago that Naruto had left to train with Jiraiya of the Sannin. His forehead protector was situated on a black cloth tied around his forehead.

She wondered how her teammate was doing and how strong he had gotten over the years."It's been two and a half years already. I can't wait to see him."Meanwhile, a few miles out of Konoha, Two leaf ninja were leisurely walking in the direction of the village. He had sapphire blue eyes and three whisker looking marks on either side of his face.

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