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Some are humorous, others are straightforward, but they all get the point across.There are endless examples of slogans for safety that can be used in the workplace, school, camp or even at home.

Safe dating slogans

Poster Contest Hosting a poster contest is a great way to reinforce the concepts learned in the curriculum.

Posters on the theme of dating abuse prevention can be displayed in school hallways or other community buildings such as libraries, city hall, community centers and shopping malls.

Our team will be happy to provide resources about our products and programs that will help you prepare a strong grant application.

is an evidence-based program with strong, long-term outcomes.

Session 7: How We Feel, How We Deal: Through the use of a feelings diary and a discussion of "hot buttons," students learn effective ways to recognize and handle their anger, so it doesn't lead to abusive behavior.

Session 8: Equal Power through Communication: Students learn the four skills for effective communication and practice these skills in a variety of role-plays.

You can also check out tips on how to create slogans of your own. You can display safety slogans around the work area to help remind everyone of the importance of staying safe on the job.

You can also hang a safety slogan or two at school or in your home.

Adolescents participating in the program, as compared with those who did not participate, also reported: . Her research focus is on adolescent problem behaviors and includes both etiological and evaluation research. Reproducible student handouts are included at the end of each session.

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