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In her resignation letter, Miss Patel said she was 'sorry' to have distracted from the government's work and for lacking transparency.But the departure is another second brutal body blow for Mrs May, after Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon resigned over the Westminster sleaze row seven days ago.I will continue to support you and the Government and stand up for the Conservative values of freedom, opportunity and aspiration.

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Seeing how the aid and support provided by this country is transforming and saving lives is truly remarkable.

These are experiences that I will never forget and will forever inform my views and outlook on the world.

It will inevitably heighten the sense of chaos engulfing the government, as Mrs May desperately tries to get a grip on a bewildering array of crises.

Her deputy Damian Green is being investigated over sex harassment allegations, while Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson faces demands to resign over loose comments that might doubled the jail term for a British mother in Iran.

Theresa May was facing meltdown tonight after losing her second Cabinet minister in just a week.

International Development Secretary Priti Patel was humiliatingly forced to resign from the PM's top team in a 30-minute face-to-face showdown after being ordered to return from an Africa tour.

Her fate was finally sealed after two further secret meetings with Israeli officials emerged on top of the 12 that had already been revealed.

She also reportedly visited an Israeli military field hospital in the Golan Heights, a disputed area that Britain does not recognise, and failed to declare it.

Our actions to reform the global aid system, invest in new projects that deliver better outcomes and support economic development will make a lasting positive difference to the poorest in the world.

I have seen the very best of Britain and know it will flourish on the world stage as we leave the European Union.

To make matters worse, the Prime Minister herself is also facing questions - amid claims she spoke to Miss Patel about her meeting with Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu as long ago as September.

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