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Let your clothes correspond to the situation where you’ve decided to meet.Be sure to bring beautiful flowers: all Russian ladies like men, showing to them genuine and sincere romantic interest.That is, if a girl came with a man (including her father or brother, and male friends), she does not pay for food, drinks, and so on (although often it’s too idealized version).

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For this reason, meeting with a Russian lady, you should control the entire organization of your joint evening.

You must be absolutely sure that your girl is happy.

Namely this, not just the cultural differences, is the most common cause of failures in personal relationships building.

According to our customers’ life experience, to be able to communicate in Russian is the essential that needs to take the Western man, if he wants to raise drastically his chances of success.

A woman from Russia loves taking care of her face and her appearance in general so that to be look and attractive always.

This feature of the national character is associated with the fact that Russian woman wants to be beautiful not only for her own sake, but (above all) for the sake of her husband.

Do you know what the biggest mistake make most Western men, when they want to have a close relationship with Russian women?

They did not take any effort to study their language!

Keep in mind, they have full confidence that boys were brought up as future men, and girls - the future women (and mothers).

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