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Rather, marriage is the setting up, by two people, of a miniature church, a family church, wherein people may worship the true God and struggle to save their souls.

It is also a family church that is in obedience to Christ's Church.

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Without a common understanding of these three points, it's difficult if not impossible to make the home into a church.

Orthodox and non-Orthodox don't understand these three elements in the same way; that's why we have separate denominations.

More information is available by writing to: Orthodox Christian Singles P.

Unlike the wedding ceremonies in most non-Orthodox churches, marriage in the Orthodox Church is not a contract—a legal agreement with the exchange of vows or promises—between two people.

If they don’t meet anyone Orthodox, they will remarry outside the faith.

One response to the plight of Orthodox singles came from a lady in our parish, herself a divorced single mother.

But to those who do understand, it's unquestionably worth the wait and the price.

For most of us, it's too difficult to be alone in this world; there are too many temptations that are too difficult to fight.

She came up with the idea of a singles network that caters exclusively to single Orthodox Christians.

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