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Having common flesh, then, the spiritual life of one spouse greatly affects the spiritual life of the other.This is the very reason that we're forbidden from being mismated with unbelievers (2 Corinthians ).There are other types of organizations for unmarrieds, single parents etc., but this one is for those to whom their Orthodox faith is an important part of their lives.

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She came up with the idea of a singles network that caters exclusively to single Orthodox Christians.

Called “Orthodox Christian Singles,” the organization is compiling a list of Orthodox singles who wish to meet other singles of their faith.

While the Church doesn't always consider non-Orthodox Christians unbelievers and therefore doesn't categorically forbid mixed marriages with them, Orthodox believers need to accept and understand that an inter-denominational marriage is much less desirable, on theological grounds, than the marriage between two Orthodox believers.

In order for a marriage to be a reflection of Christ's relationship to the Church, both spouses need to have a common understanding of three things: (1) Who Christ is and what He teaches and expects, (2) what the Church is and isn't, and (3) the relationship between the two.

According to the Orthodox Church, the real purpose of marriage is to attain salvation.

Without understanding the role that marriage plays in this process, it can be easy to abandon the idea of finding someone who's pious and of the same faith—a task that requires much patience, an iron will, and near-constant prayer.

But to those who do understand, it's unquestionably worth the wait and the price.

For most of us, it's too difficult to be alone in this world; there are too many temptations that are too difficult to fight.

An interested single fills out an information sheet, including the parish he or she attends, and writes a sketch describing him/her self.

This information is sent to members, who can then choose with whom they wish to get in contact. Think about the singles in your parish - the unmarried, divorced, widowed.

Rather, marriage is the setting up, by two people, of a miniature church, a family church, wherein people may worship the true God and struggle to save their souls.

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