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Yesterday, the New York Times reported that the Stuxnet virus had been developed as a joint project by US and Israeli intelligence officials at Israel's top-secret Dimona project in the Negev desert.

The virus was developed at Dimona over a period of two years before it was planted into Iran's nuclear programme, an operation now widely regarded as the world's most successful cyber attack.

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After decades of delays over the plant, which was first commissioned by the Shah in the 1970s, Iran's leaders are demanding that scientists stick to the schedule set last year.

They argue that any delay would be a blow to Iran's international prestige.

When the Russian parliament passed a homophobic bill banning gay “propaganda” in 2013, dozens of gay activists took part in a "kissing protest" outside the State Duma in Moscow.

They were harassed and pelted with eggs by anti-gay protesters. “The infamous gay propaganda law is used as a key tool to silence LGBT people,” Lokshina added.

Petersburg, and Tula, as well as in the Crimean towns of Yalta and Simferopol, asked Russian authorities to allow them to march in defense of LGBT rights, and everywhere they heard the same “Nyet!

”Last week Blue System published news from the Russian provincial town of Kaluga, where LGBT people asked authorities to allow them to demonstrate in the Park of Peace and Constitutions “in support of tolerant attitudes [and] respect for the rights and freedoms of homosexually orientated people in Russia.” What happened to that protest? Russian internet censor Roskomnadzor also has banned four political websites that called earlier this month for a boycott of the State Duma elections.

Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, recently declared that the Stuxnet virus had set Iran's nuclear programme back by several years.

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