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An entire chapter is dedicated to how and when to do it, complete with a text-back time chart based on age. Older women should wait at least four hours — longer if possible. “I wouldn’t sext with someone until there’s a ring on my finger,” said Fein.“Don’t send any emails, pictures or texts you would take back if you broke up.” Women should never email after midnight, write on a guy’s Facebook wall, or try to friend all his friends and family.Randall's got an EP credit on "Power" and helped produce Scorsese's flick "Silence." As for Lala ...

As long as you’re aware of what your sharing settings are and have tailored them to your liking, you’ll never even notice they’re connected and your privacy is completely safe.

It’s been a great night of drinks, dinner, and conversation, but the evening is coming to a close as the bill is finally brought to the table.

Hollywood producer Randall Emmett just finalized his divorce from his actress wife of eight years, Ambyr Childers. everything has been settled privately, and all the terms are confidential -- including spousal and child support.

Randall and Ambyr got hitched in 2009, got separated in 2016 and filed for divorced in January of this year. Ambyr's had roles on "Ray Donovan" and "All My Children" ...

Some people go as far as to make a fake ‘burner’ Facebook with a different or brand new email address.

We wouldn’t advise this, though, as the whole reason Tinder connects to Facebook is to make sure you’re not a bot or catfish.

“You will respect them, and if you don’t, I promise they won’t need my help putting you back in your place.” Alright, he almost ruins it with the “good luck pumpkin” sign-off, but we’re giving him 10 out of 10 for intent.

He said he was inspired to create a twist on the usual type of dad post after talking to a “grown ass man who was He later explained that the reason he wants his daughters to be empowered is because of his upbringing.

Tinder – if you’ve been living under a rock and have never heard of it – is the dating app that’s swept the nation.

It’s easy to use with lots of members, so it’s pretty much guaranteed to get you a date (regardless of whether it’s a good one).

“You don’t respond to everything in a nano-second,” said Fein.

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