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This example requires that a Text Box and Error Provider control have been created on a form.causes the event to be canceled which blocks the gui. During databinding i have already unsubscribed from this event to disable it.

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Products) End Sub ' ' Save the changes you've made via the Data Grid View back to the ' underlying database ' Private Sub bn Update_Click(By Val sender As System.

Let's look at how you could perform some simple tweaks in a column that contains a Money field.

When the user cancels out of edit mode, this object can be discarded.

If the row the user was editing is the row for new records, however, the old Customer object is discarded and replaced with a new one so that the user can begin making edits again.

Padding = p ' set the monetary string format style.

At the conclusion of this wizard, you'll have a strongly-typed dataset, a Table Adapter, and Data Table added to your project.

Doing so can cause your application or the operating system to stop responding.

For more information, see the WM_KILLFOCUS topic in the "Keyboard Input Reference" section, and the "Message Deadlocks" section of the "About Messages and Message Queues" topic in the MSDN library at

Format = "$#.00" ' apply the style to the column Data Grid View1.

Default Cell Style = style The major technique for detected errors in a Data Grid View is by the Row Validating event.

dgd Applications is set for Full Row Select and validation (Causes Vailidation = true).

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