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They both got tired of the girls fighting and Ty ran after Deuce after he embarrassed himself.Deuce agreed to be the translator for Ty's date with the foreign exchange student Gloria and didn't want Ty to know that she really likes him so he lies about Gloria wanting a long term relationship to spare his feelings ("Weird It Up").

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He also had a role in an episode of That's So Raven as Daryl in the Episode Five Finger Discount the Boy who was friends with Corey Baxter [Kyle Massey] that tricked Corey into stealing a Monkey Key Chain. He was temporarily paired with Edyta Śliwińska, who had been eliminated earlier in the season with her partner Jeffrey Ross, for Weeks 7 and 8 of the competition.

Most recently, Linley appeared in ten episodes of Hannah Montana as Jake Ryan. Linley was a contestant on Season 7 of Dancing With The Stars. Śliwińska was brought back after Linley's partner on the show, Julianne Hough, was hospitalized. Linley, however, was voted off the show on November 18, 2008.

Tyler "Ty" Blue is a main character in the TV series, Shake It Up.

He is the son of Curtis Blue and Marcie Blue and the older brother of Rocky Blue.

Though he is still the same hip sarcastic ladies' man he was in season 1, he doesn't dance for girls anymore.

In Season 3- Ty realizes that he does want to be a dancer on Shake It Up Chicago and reveals that, when he dances, he feels proud of himself.

He becomes the new host instead, but he still gets to show off his moves on the show. He also worked with Ce Ce and Tinka to get Rocky back on Shake It Up, Chicago! He however can be very protective of Rocky when it comes to dating like when she kissed Logan during their wedding dance rehearsal Ce Ce is a close friend of Ty's, since she is his sister's best friend.

In Season 1, Ty Blue stated that he "doesn't dance for the man", but in Season 3, Ty Blue auditions to be on Shake It Up, Chicago! Ty learns to be proud of his dancing skills again and wants to be hired as a dancer on the show. They both attend JHHS and have several things in common such as a love for dancing.

Cody Martin Linley (born November 20, 1989) is an American actor and singer.

He played a recurring role as Jake Ryan in the television series Hannah Montana, and was a contestant on the seventh season of Dancing With The Stars, in which he was partnered with Julianne Hough and finished fourth.

Ty and Ce Ce also teamed up with Tinka to try to get Rocky back on Shake It Up, Chicago! In My Bitter Sweet 16 It Up, Ty said Cece was like another sister to him. They're always together, whether it be babysitting Flynn, at school, at Crusty's where they both work, or different situations that they get themselves into.

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