Rosanna arquette paul mccartney dating Cam chat turns into sex

Pulp Fiction actress Rosanna, 48 - who The Sun can reveal IS dating Macca - met the youngster on a visit to the ex-Beatle's sprawling East Sussex estate.The revelation comes just ten days after Sir Paul was pictured having a cosy lunch with the blonde in London.

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Like both of Paul's ex-wives, she is a keen charity worker, although — like one of them — she does not shout about it.

She is co-chairman of the Arlene Walters Shevell Endowment Scholarship Fund, a foundation named after her mother to help the families of people with addictions. After a brush with breast cancer in 1996, the disease which eventually killed Linda, she also funded Hewlett House, a support centre for patients of the disease.

At that time, Paul seemed unable to choose between the two very different American women and eight weeks ago, just before the start of his divorce hearing with Heather, he was seen on yet another date with Rosanna."For quite a while, Paul had both Rosanna and Nancy on simmer," said one source close to the singer."Both knew about the other, but they both played the game well and did not ask him to explain what was going on.

I think everyone recognised he had to go through what we have called a 'Rod Stewart' phase and date a few people after everything he went through with Heather."He liked both Nancy and Rosanna a lot — particularly as they were so different from Heather. They were being followed by the paparazzi and Rosanna couldn't stand it — she regards her privacy a sacrosanct."She has had lots of relationships with musicians — and even moved to Britain to be with Peter Gabriel — and she knows what they are like with their egos.

But last summer they bumped into each other again at a Hamptons party and gradually became close. At first it became clear to Nancy that after the rigours of marriage to Heather, Paul was not looking for anything serious — and simply wanted to play the field.

Just how much became clear when, after spending a weekend with Nancy in Long Island in November, he was pictured a few days later on a date in London with Rosanna Arquette.Nancy has known Paul for years on the East Hampton social circuit She and Linda were friends and the Mc Cartney children nicknamed her Jackie O because she was so glamorous.There was a falling out, however, when Nancy advised Paul against marrying Heather, who had been rude to her when they met."You don't have to marry everyone you date," she told him, in words that could come back to haunt her.Friends describe her as ambitious, intelligent and fashionable, but also "endearingly ditzy" just like ...well, you know who."She has always been very career oriented and is favourite to take over the family business," said one source in New York."But despite working in such a macho industry, she is all woman.He is a 65-year-old grandfather who has had more than his fair share of heartbreak.

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