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On Role Pages this is done by signing up for an account as that character, filling out a profile according to what they would actually say, and choosing an appropriate avatar picture.

You can then interact with other people playing fictional figures using forums, blogs, profile posts, pictures, videos, and this chat.

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Next, they _____ a meeting between Ms Anderson and Mr. They finally decide on Friday morning at 10 o'clock after a _____ that Mr Owen usually holds on Friday mornings.

Answersspeak, delivery / shipment, arrived, shipment / delivery, schedule, meet, busy, staff meeting Use these cues to create practice role plays on your own to further your telephoning skills to help with workplace communication.

Similar to the game of make-believe, but it is conducted in real time, in a chat room.

People take on the fictional persona of a character within a fantasy setting and participate in a give-and-take dialog.

I can always come on here and get a laugh if I'm feeling down. I like going on cuz i meet alot of new people and we get along great.

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