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If Richter performs Item Crash without a sub-weapon equipped, he will instead empower his whip with fire.

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Later on, Richter rescues Maria, who was hurt by the potion that Cyril made.

He brings her back to Alucard, there he tells him that the ones closest to him will be sacrificed once he gives in to his vampiric urges.

There, he encounters Cyril and Alexis, the self-proclaimed vampire hunters.

He rescues the two from a skeleton, making himself known.

Richter and Cyril finally meet up with Alucard for the final battle against Magnus.

The Vampire Killer is under the ownership of Jonathan Morris, who is unable to use the whip effectively.

Richter, obligated to battle the dark lord in every incarnation, single-handedly slayed the Count's massive army, including Shaft, and arrived in time to save the women — proving to himself that he was worthy of his vampire-hunting destiny.

Mesmerized by Shaft, who had somehow survived the earlier defeat, Richter betrayed his people and resurrected Dracula: "Dracula rises once a century.

He tells Richter that Alexis had been kidnapped by a black-winged demon.

Richter immediately knew it was Magnus and sets out with Cyril to rescue Alexis.

Richter sends a letter to Maria, warning her about vampire attacks in the village that she and Alucard were staying in, he also tells her to be wary of the vampire.

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