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"I think I'll check to make sure these files are in order," she said, sounding playful.

She turned to face the opposite direction, opened the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet, and bent over at the waist.

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I don't think I even enjoyed it that much; it was just another habit. "Like now." There was a long moment of silence as this hung in the air. " Margie had moved away from the computer and was out of the camera's view, which remained pointed directly at Mr. The ribbing of the top hugged her skin and outlined the contours of her grapefruit-sized breasts, which stood out from her exceptionally thin waist. " She brought her hands up to her head and bunched her long tresses on top of her head in a pose, smiling gently herself.

At the same time, my healthy sex drive started to dry up and I started to neglect my beautiful, sexy little wife. The camera must have been in about the position of the screen, because I could see her face looking intently at something just above the lens of the camera. Then, with a catch in her voice, she added, "Would you like to see a little more, Mr. I realized what a startlingly beautiful woman my wife was.

I assumed she didn't know about my private activity, when in fact (I realize now) she was getting more and more frustrated and a little pissed off. I could also see beyond her to a grey-haired man, about 50. "I'll take one." But he wasn't looking at the screen. The camera sees behind me." He seemed genuinely abashed. Sorry." "It's OK." She paused a moment, considering. She was as beautiful as any woman on a magazine cover. She continued, "You know, some women are attracted to older men." Margie's pose brought her large breasts forward and up.

Anyway, there I sat watching an empty window on my computer when it crackled to life. I vaguely remembered seeing him at the Christmas party -- thin, athletic, and professional looking. He had leaned slightly back, and was looking whimsically at Margie's ass, bent over in front of him. Then she added in a sweet voice, "I've seen the way you look at me. She twisted, left to right to left, so that they could be appreciated in three dimensions.

This gave a delightful view of Margie's ass in her tight black pants.

I realized that this scene had played out before, as part of Margie's normal duties.

One of the upper mid-level bosses, I guess, just high enough to merit an office of his own, and maybe to share the use of the support staff to perform his filing and other mundane tasks. At the same time, I observed that Bill had found the zoom button, and had zoomed in on the breasts.

He must have felt safe, since Margie could no longer see the computer screen from her location. I could see the location and size of her swelling nipples.

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