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Unhappy people are unhappy with their lives and lash out against others for real or imagined slights.

Now it’s true that they’ve been dealt a bad card in life, and it’s not fair, but you want to make sure that you’re not putting yourself in the line of fire.

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But no mistake it’s serious business, and you will fall for a girl at some point, and the second you start thinking your bigger than the game is when disaster strikes.

Pride comes before the fall and you need to accept the fact that bringing the wrong woman close to you is playing with fire and you will get burned.

I’ve talked with many readers who’ve been pushed to the brink of suicide over a girl, let alone the millions of guys a year who marry the wrong woman and get raped in a divorce.

If you want to see what a toxic woman looks like and what she can do to a strong, successful guy, look no further than Sharon Stone as Ginger in Martin Scorcese’s brilliant gangster movie It’s an excellent movie overall and I highly recommend you check it out.

Now, once you’ve soaked up the information, it’s important to put it into practice, and the way you do that is by: You might be going into the first date thinking about how to get laid, and that’s fine, but just as important is getting to know what type of woman she is by asking her about her life.

This is important not just for that woman, but for all future women, because it allows you to build a mental database of women, The key is not to asking questions directly and not to ask too many questions in a row so that the girls feels like she’s on a job interview.

When I did the video on how to get over a girl I had a lot of questions from guys on how to avoid bringing the wrong woman into your life so in response I wanted to break down for you the exact traits and behaviors you should avoid in the women you date.

I define the type of woman you want to avoid dating, not because she’s a bad person per say, but because she’s going to be toxic to you in a relationship.

The first 30 are all dealbreakers, meaning if she exhibits even one of those behaviors you have to avoid her.

The next 20 aren’t deal breakers on their own, but if you meet a woman who has any more than 3 of those traits, she should be avoided.

Because she was abused she develops low self esteem and that low self esteem manifests itself towards the men in her life.

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