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That problem can be easily fixed by looking a little outside your ideal preferences (when not a deal-breaker of course).

I’ve gone on dates with people who I thought I’d have a ton of chemistry with, but didn’t, and ended up totally hitting it off with others who I didn’t really think I would.

I’ve had mediocre first meetings that ended up with a great date, and vice versa. ” So yes, sometimes online meeting means it’s a little harder to judge what the ultimate in-person chemistry will be.

If anything, meeting someone online can be refreshingly intentional (most of the time).

Online meeting is a little like an opt-in e-mail list–you have to confirm that you want to be there, you don’t just find yourself having stumbled across messaging someone on a dating site.

A word of advice: if you’re concerned about “players” and men who aren’t serious about dating being on these sites, do some research ahead of time.

Some services have reputations for being more serious (e Harmony, faith-based sites) and others less (OKCupid, Tinder). Online meeting is not more superficial than real life.

Being on an online meeting site means that others there are also available and interested in dating.

Further, the context of your interaction is less ambiguous–you are on an online dating site, you’re presumably messaging someone because you think there could be romantic chemistry. Dispense with the awkwardness, this is how we get it done!

Going online is a more intentional dating process--and that’s a good thing. Yes, we’re empowered, thriving single women–who are interested in meeting someone to spend their life with.

Admitting that makes you a human being, that is all.

I have friends whose meet-cute stories include such Hollywood-esque tales as: the best friend who finally realized he was in love with her the whole time; the one friend-of-friends who she just happened to never meet until the right moment; the couple who met on a tour bus while vacationing with their parents.

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