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There is time to rest, read, take online classes, think, be outside, garden, knit, … Continue reading When watching almost any home design show, the designers present to the homeowners a lovely design board. Design boards are basically samples or pictures of the main elements the designer plans to use in the home, beautifully displayed on a table, computer screen, or paper. Continue reading If your love language is quality time, you know how it feels when life gets busy and its difficult to find the time to connect with your spouse. #thatsdarling #quietthechaos #theartofslowliving #seekthesimplicity #imbringingsimpleback #flashesofdelight #liveauthentic #livethelittlethings #spring #homesweethome #thehappynow #stayandwander #slowlywanderingnorth #simplelife #simplepleasures #visualsoflife #pursuepretty #finditliveit #livefolk #vscocam HAPPY SPRING, lovely friends!!! #thatsdarling #flashesofdelight #liveauthentic #livethelittlethings #seekthesimplicity #quietthechaos #theartofslowliving #simplelife #spring #california #bigsur #letsgosomewhere #stayandwander #wander #wanderlust #livefolk #theoutbound #lifeofadventure #slowlywanderingnorth #imbringingsimpleback #vscocam #pursuepretty #simplepleasures #visualsoflife #socality #mytinyatlas When life gets foggy and the path seems unclear... #thatsdarling #flashesofdelight #thehappynow #sequoia #hiking #lifeofadventure #seekthesimplicity #stayandwander #letsgosomewhere #christiancreative #exploremore #exploretocreate #neverstopexploring #wander #wanderlust #mororock #winter #theoutbound #livefolk #theartofslowliving #quietthechaos #outdoors #mytinyatlas #liveauthentic #livethelittlethings #slowlywanderingnorth #vscocam Anyone else have so many interests and hobbies that when someone asks you what your favorite thing to do is, you completely draw a blank cause you can't pick just one thing?! I think exploring the things you are passionate about and learning and honing new skills is so satisfying!

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It is the best guide on relationships I’ve seen.” Asian Answer Man, Oriental Dolls magazine or click here to use our online form to send us an email with your contact information and the details of the check, when the check is received & cleared we will send the book to you via email as an electronic download.

In a world where everyone is stressed, overworked, tired and broke, the simple life has deep-seated appeal.

I’m always surprised how some people can float around in unstable relationships, not realizing that how the two of them interact is completely harmful. Yes, we may end up with heart issues before Type Bs, but the pros to being a Type A include: Of course, being a Type A, there are certain struggles we experience in our bold, high-achieving and sometimes stressful lives that other folks simply won’t get. So what is really happening here, underneath the surface? It’s better and sometimes, it’s worse than had we imagined. The first child learns lessons because we didn’t know better. We focus on them and we put on our “very best parenting hats” because let’s face it: the more kids, the more tired you are. To all the first children out there, you got the best of us as parents and in some ways, the worst of our learning curve.

Most of the time, I would wager that when you feel bad about yourself or have grown up and experienced toxic people in your life, you often associate these behaviors as “normal” because it’s all you know. Read More: 11 Struggles Only Type-A People Will TRULY Understand Pajamas? Because these celebs wouldn’t be the first people to think that a baby can save a marriage. You find yourself scrutinizing all the many “wives” in your path. We apologize in advance, but it’s just life, kiddo.

I mean, I'm that person who writes something down on a list just to cross it off.

Anyway, for the longest time I would see these absolutely LOVELY journals on Pinterest with the perfect penmanship, sketches, and lists … Although I work part-time, have weekly commitments, and work to keep my home in good order and meals on the table, I have blocks (sometimes large, sometimes small) on my calendar that are completely open.

Let the King of my heart be the mountain where I run.

Some people wouldn’t know a toxic relationship if it bit them in the ass. Laura Some people may find “Type A” people too high-strung or overachieving, but the fact is, Type A people are brilliant, too. The list of stars undergoing a divorce, who are also pregnant, is rapidly growing. This isn’t to say that a pregnant woman shouldn’t leave a partner! But what I am saying is, getting pregnant while a couple is having serious marital strife and filing for divorce is irresponsible. We’ve never been mothers before and despite what people told us, it isn’t quite what we had thought. As long as I was breathing, all was right with the world.

Continue reading Browsing makeup looks on Pinterest, you can’t help but notice glowing skin and highlighted cheekbones.

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