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Hot chili peppers have been consumed in Mexico and South America for over 5,000 years.

The ancient Aztecs had at least 7 different words for peppers. The Spanish conquest brought peppers to Europe by the 1500's, where they then traveled the world over, reaching and enriching many cuisines.

I think this would make a superb market grower's pepper as it is dependable and can take the heat as well severe cold.

And the taste -just CANDY SWEET with very thick walls.

Then he ate all my "Eva's Burgundy Lettuce" which was just about to flower and make seeds.

I am the only source of this 5 generation heirloom lettuce. They are nocturnal animals and unless you want to camp out in the garden (where he would smell me anyway) and hide, I wasnt going to have any luck. Groundhog pulled up all the pepper plants and tore out the labels as well?

The history is somewhat similar, since "Doorknob" is from another Huber family (same name which is quite common here), who live not far from Hinkletown, so I assumed it would be the same.

"Mami Huber's Stuffing Pepper" has 4 lobes and really reminds me of the "Amish Pimiento Pepper" which it looks nearly identical to.And remember, don't ever judge a pepper by its looks, it can be devilishly deceiving!~ LIONS, TIGERS & GROUNDHOG PEPPER MIX- 15 KINDS OF ASSORTED PEPPERS, HOT AND SWEET!The man that I got the seeds from in California is a true Hungarian transplant from Hungary." And I might add that all of the Hungarian peppers I grew this season from his seeds are way beyond my expectations.Sweetness that is indescribable, like candy only better.When I first heard about this rare beauty I thought for sure it was the same exact stuffing pepper as the one I have been selling for several years on my Amishland Heirloom Seeds website called "DOORKNOB SWEET PEPPER".

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