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So, if there are subfolders within a folder, you can quickly jump to any folder within that path.

Tip: You can also use the Backspace key to go back one step too.

You can copy, move, delete, rename, and a host of other tasks using the Ribbon.

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Why do you need a Texas Sales Exemption Certification from me? The easiest way to determine if a customer should register for an individual or corporate account is to ask the question, "Will the account have a single user, or will multiple users be accessing the same account?

Upon completion of the registration, your new account is available for immediate use!

If you have a lot of files on your Windows 10 system computer, you’ll want to organize them.

So if you need to see recent files created or older files, or you need to archive certain files elsewhere, you can easily do so.

A corporate account is set up using the business' name.

For security purposes, we recommend this account for any business with multiple users on the same account.Other folders that might be part of your User Folder created by third-party applications are accessible from within your user directory from the Bread Crumb menu.To do that, click the arrow on the address bar (see below) and click your user folder represented by your account name. You can change how your files look by using the View tab.Public Data corporate accounts may be billed or use a credit card to maintain the account.Sales tax will be applied, however corporate accounts may apply for tax exemption.The part you and I see when we interact with the records that we create on our computers, such as documents, audio files, pictures, and videos is the File Manager. Over the years, this essential part of the Windows experience has evolved from its roots as File Manager in early releases, then Windows Explorer, and now called File Explorer, first introduced in Windows 8.

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