Problems with be2 dating site Adult datting

54 - Bangor, Down I read and write constantly, so a little conversation would make for a lovely change.

I am an immigrant from Canada; been here almost six years' now. Belfast Telegraph Dating is an online dating service that'll help you find and connect with people like you.

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(known as "Premium Membership"), to which these General Terms and Conditions also apply.

Before the second contractual relationship is concluded, the customer will be informed of the paid nature of the service as well as the relevant prices and payment methods applicable.

Alternatively, the customer may be automatically allocated a "code" by be2 instead of a personally selected user name.

Providing an e-mail address has the sole purpose of aiding contact between be2 and the customer; this e-mail address will not be passed on to other be2 customers.

However, blockage of access for the above reasons shall have no effect on the blocked customer's obligation to pay for the service purchased.

In such an event, any amount up to 350 $ CA already paid to be2 will not be refunded but retained as a penalty.

What is your favourite dating site, and why do you like it?

Before a paid service is used, the customer must be notified that the service in question is provided at a charge and informed of what payments will be due upon purchase.

I have been single for a while now and are trying to navigate the internet dating landscape to “shop around” for a possible real life date.

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