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Integrated Intrusion Prevention SSL Network Extender (On-demand client - SNX) The SSL Network Extender (SNX) is used for remote users who need access to network (non-Web-based) applications.

This procedure explains how to configure the Cisco Any Connect Secure Mobility Client Web Security module on Windows OS for use with Scan Safe. Customize the Web Security Module by installing the Standalone Profile Editor, creating a Web Security profile, and by adding the Web Security profile file to the extracted contents of the ISO file. Step 1 Download the Cisco Any Connect Secure Mobility Client package from the Scan Center support area or from Step 3 Using an application like Win Zip or 7-Zip, extract the contents of the ISO file to the newly created directory.

In general terms, these are the tasks you will perform: 1. Step 5 Start the Web Security profile editor and create a profile by following the .

Organizations must also make sure that their corporate network remains safe and that remote access does not become a weak point in their IT security.

This article will: Below is a summary of each Remote Access option that Check Point offers.

SSL Network Extender works on remote PCs without requiring administrator privileges.

SSL Network Extender is downloaded automatically from the SSL VPN portal to the endpoint machines, so that VPN client software does not have to be pre-installed and configured on users’ PCs and laptops.Multiple ways to distribute notice of a Mobile client being available as well as choosing what Mobile client will be available for users such as customized emails.In today's business environment, it is clear that workers require remote access to sensitive information from a variety of locations and a variety of devices.On computers running Mac OS X, the Web Security module can report the domain the computer is logged into if the Mac is bound to a domain.If it is not bound to a domain, the Web Security Module can report the IP address of the Mac or the username that is currently logged in. To configure the Cisco Any Connect Secure Mobility Client Web Security module on Windows OS for use with Scan Safe, follow this procedure.Update successfully completed ' Get Gateway Data' completed successfully Operating system Major Version Minor Version Secure Platform R75.20 R75.20 Vendor Product Major Version Minor Version Check Point VPN-1 Power/UTM R75.20 R75.20 Check Point Secure Platform R75.20 R75.20 Check Point Smart Portal R75.20 R75.20 You can deploy the Web Security module as a standalone application to use with the Scan Safe Scan Center without enabling the Any Connect VPN module and without an ASA.

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