Printout quizzes for dating boys

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When kids complain about being bored, print out one of these quizzes and ask them to give it a try.

Not only are they entertaining, they have some educational value as well. Start out with the two free printable quizzes offered on this page.

(Don't we all.) Enjoy these fun ones below to figure out your party personality, if you're good with money, and (most importantly) which Wild Cat you would be if you attended East High School...1. In the world of "High School Musical," are you the whiz kid or the drama queen? Do you have what it takes for Tyra to choose you to be America's Next Top Model? Are you the life of the party or the fly on the wall? You have your backpack, notebooks, and pens, but what about your clothes?

Take this quiz to find out which HSM role was meant for you! Find out if you're fierce or falling flat on the ANTM runway.3. Everyone has a different way of flashing confidence -- in your face, discreetly, even by being funny -- but the real question is how do you match up to the stars? Take this quiz to discover your celebratory style.5.

All of our printable general knowledge trivia quiz sheets for kids and teens are in popular Adobe PDF format and can be saved to a PC if required.

For an easier trivia quiz for younger children you can hand out the multiple choice question sheets and maybe give them a few clues.

It’s super tough and only true Shawn stans will be able to ace it.

If you feel like chickening out and seeing if Shawn is actually your secret boyfriend instead, we won’t judge you.

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