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Perhaps surprisingly Snapchat and all social media was banned from big day.

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Though we’re not together anymore, he’s still a great dad to our son.” Rachel* admits that she got pregnant after having a one-night stand.

She says the pregnancy was her fault due to her irresponsibility, and that led her to choose adoption for her son. I was going through a wild patch and was very promiscuous.

I got pregnant after having a one-night stand at a party.

I can’t really remember if we used protection, so I just assumed we had until I took a pregnancy test.

It’s not uncommon for women to get pregnant when they weren’t planning to.

Sometimes protection isn’t 100% effective, people get caught up in the moment and decide not to use safety, or they’re put in a situation where they didn’t have a choice.

As puberty came I also was the one with heavy facial hair and a good build even though I didn't lift weights. This summer my son, who is 26, came over to my apartment one morning right after I had gotten out of the shower. I loved going to the pool with her and seeing her... I had been going to this sleep away camp in upstate New York for about am month now, so I had already developed some crushes on a few guys, one of them was named WIll, he had gone to my school since the sixth grade, and I had had a... My girlfriend asked me if she can go out with her roomate.

Naturally I had slipped a robe on, but was wearing nothing underneath, which was kind of obvious with my nipples poking out. My parents let me go with my friend Angela to Lake Tahoe in the summer of 2000 to stay with her family at a house they rented near the Lake. Angela's parents let us do anything we wanted and they even... Me and this girl in my year 8 English class are going out. When one minute we're kissing the next we're lying down in Megan's bed, completely naked. They goin to town with her friend boyfriend to stay a night out.

“I’d agreed to go on a blind date with this guy my friend wanted to set me up with. I thought things would go badly (like most blind dates), but we ended hitting it off.

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