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According to Recent Research, the following signs are proven symptoms of relationship deterioration that are associated with a greatly increased probability of breakup or divorce:1) Feeling Distant 2) Increase in Arguing or Negativity 3) Lack of Affection 4) Increase in Anger, Hostility and/or Sarcasm 5) Avoidance of Each Other; Stonewalling 6) Trust Issues (affairs; hiding cell phone/texting; suspicious absences)If You’re Having One or More of the Signs Listed Above, Be Sure to Take Some Action Soon to Improve Your Situation.

Read more and your partner is not ready for couples counseling, fear not.

Together we can create many positive changes for you.

My expertise can help you better understand your current relationship, decipher what may be missing, and guide you to implement a plan to improve it.

and looking to be in a relationship, through my coaching, we will examine your dating and relationship history and work toward finding a healthy and fulfilling romance.

Learn more Starting the process of individual counseling with a therapist can be both empowering and frightening.

For this reason it is the client who sets the pace initially.Learn More COUPLES WORKSHOPCome to our very popular PAIRS Passage to Intimacy Workshop – and learn the best tools and skills to improve your communication; deepen your connection and re-romanticize your relationship!Learn More At the Relationship Institute, specific goals are set at the beginning of therapy, and couples are expected to do homework to establish healthy relationship patterns and practices in their daily lives.Whether for a few days or a few weeks, DVCC residences offer a safe haven…Read more DVCC’s professional staff of counselors provides crisis intervention, safety planning and individual and group counseling in both English and Spanish to anyone who may be experiencing domestic abuse.Working as a team, we will gain biographical insight, confront obstacles to change and develop skills, which will lead to confident decision making and lasting solutions. You will emerge from our counseling sessions feeling stronger, empowered, and self-aware.

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