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Why don't my Power Point animations play when I add music.

Replay a narration when you go back to a slide Random Dice Roll, Coin Flip, Random Name Choice & More...

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With a little work, you can add hierarchy, page numbers, formatting, and hyperlinks.

Disadvantages Getting just the slides you want can be painful and so is finding and adding the page numbers and links.

) Type out JUST the notes in Word Type out Multilingual Notes in Word Hyperlinks A menu slide that can be controlled with Tab / Shift tab Making sure animations play on second visit to slide.

I want my sound to play for the whole Power Point presentation not just the first slide.

Print out random score cards, choose the numbers keep track of called numbers!

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If you are creating a PDF of the presentation to send out, the viewer might not even know they can click.

The linked slide images might also not be the right style or layout for this type of thumbnail.

Hyperlinks Dim p Link Number As String Dim p Linked Slide As Slide p Link Number = Left(p Hyper Link.

If you have used section breaks within your document to control the page numbers then view the document in Print Preview, the page numbers all show as 1 or 2 in the Table of Contents.

The solution is a simple VBA function that goes through the hyperlinks and updates the page number to match the current value. A few caveats: Sub Table Of Content Updater() Dim p Table Of Content As Slide Set p Table Of Content = Active Presentation.

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