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Beijing Youth Daily interviews Ou Zhihang, who won an award at the World Press Photo competition with his series of photos of himself doing nude push-ups at the locations of major social incidents in China.

A series of nine photographs showed a run-down elementary school in rural Guangdong contrasted with the modernistic and spacious local government offices and led netizens to wonder how it could happen in the Chinese province with highest GDP.

University professor Yang Shiqun was denounced by students for allegedly speaking about an illegal organization and an overseas website in class.

A 'forced demolition/relocatoin' resulted in three persons setting themselves on fire.

But the full story is much more complex, involving government cover-up, media malfeasance, microblogging showing its power and a concerted local government pushback.

China has 2.75 million surveillance cameras installed already. (July 24, 2009) The Suicide of Sun Danyong The primary evidence in the case of the suicide of Foxconn worker Sun Danyong, including the mobile phone SMS, Internet chat session and closed-circuit television surveillance tapes.

Several of them were used to solve the murder of the female village official Che Yating in Chengdu. When 25-year-old Yan Xiaoling died, her mother said that it was murder by gang rape but the police said that it was complications from an ectopic pregnancy.

"I love it when people pay attention to me, praise me and flatter me on the Internet." A hill of iron slag collapsed in Lifan county.

A reporter found that there was a cover-up on the cause as well as the number of deaths.

The case has drawn public attention and is the center of a heated debate about the culture of denunciation from the Cultural Revolution era.

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