Plex movie library not updating

Now that Plex has revamped its Roku app, it’s a fine time to take another look. On one end, there’s the media server software for desktop computers, which serves up your videos, music, and photos to other devices on your local network.(There's also a separate version for network-attached storage drives, which typically run on some flavor of Linux.) Install the app, tell it which folders you want to share, and Plex automatically makes those files available to other devices. Download the Plex app for your phone, tablet, or set-top box, and you'll easily be able to view your computer's media over a local Wi-Fi network.Beyond video, Plex is also a handy way to bring your music collection and personal photos to other devices around the house.

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So now when I use the Plex app on my Roku or Fire TV, any show I've recorded on my PC is automatically available for viewing.

The one problem I ran into was getting Plex to recognize the files, which Windows Media Center saves in Microsoft's proprietary . Plex only recognizes these files if you add the library as a “Home Videos” folder, rather than a “TV Shows” folder in the media manager.

Fortunately, a subscription isn't necessary for the uses we'll discuss here.

One of the best ways to use Plex legally is as a source for online video.

Head to the Channels section from the left sidebar, and click Install Channels.

You don’t have to limit yourself to video from Channels, however.

Plex offers several “Channels” from sources like Comedy Central and The Food Network.

So even if your Roku or Fire TV Stick doesn’t have apps for those channels, Plex has you covered. Just right-click on Plex in the system tray on your PC, and then open Media Manager.

Try using it at Adult Swim, NBC, Discovery Channel, and Disney Channel to stock up on videos you might want to watch in the living room.

Another interesting use for Plex is as a server for videos from an over-the-air DVR.

You can then import playlists from other programs like i Tunes, or create new playlists through the Media Manager software.

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