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They then decided to anglicise the name to Richard & Co to open a new branch at 24 Cannon Street, London and continue selling their clocks with the R & Co logo. The round enamel dial showing Roman numerals with blued steel hands and makers/retailers name. L stamp and was based in London (Farringdon Rd ) and Paris . The clock retains the original silvered , jewelled lever escapement and strikes on Gong for the hours and the half hours . The case style is 'Anglaise Riche' and is supplied with original case covered with distressed morrocan leather. Pounds 14 x 8 x 7cm In all the years we have been buying Carriage clocks we have never seen another one of this type of carriage clock .

Grande sonnerie striking, Petite sonnerie and fully silent if you wish . The clock has a pleasant gong strike on the hours and half hours and will run for a week per wind.

A very good large gorge case which feels reassuringly heavy with thick bevelled glass panels to all sides. Richard & Co opened in London in 1857 at 24 Cannon Street. Pounds 18 x 14 x 10cm A fine Oval 'Grande Sonnerie' carriage clock in a gilt gorge case with an engraved dial mask. This clock will be carefully restored, serviced and regulated.

The clock benefits from having the outer leather covered case and original key. The movement is stamped with the Jacot numbers 1987 and the Oval stamps. Pounds 19cm x 10cm x 8.5cm A fine example of a 'gorge canallee' cased carriage clock of good size and proportions in a satin gilt finish.

This clock has been carefully restored, serviced and regulated. The clock benefits from a large clear dial (free of cracks of hairlines) a good size top glass to view the original silvered platform and lever escapement.

The clock retains its original silvered platform escapement and strikes on a very fine small French bell. This striking and repeating carriage clock benefits from retaining the original silvered, Jeweled lever escapement which is visible through the large bevelled top glass . The movement has been fully dismantled and overhauled/serviced, as has the case and we have polished the glass inside and out. Vincenti was a superb maker and produced clocks for several of the large and prestigious London retailers of the late Victorian period. The solid silver 'engine turned' case has the classic 'C' scroll handle which folds.

The enamel dial features Roman numerals and the retailers name and shows the original moon hands. A white enamel dial with Roman numerals typical Jacot inner ring and alarm dial behind substantial bevelled glass . The case is the usual high quality construction of Bourdin and we have several photos of the case in pieces if you are interested. This giant carriage clock is shown here unrestored. The movement is wound from a turn key behind the door and runs for a week. Pounds 172mm x 95mm x 85mm This fine carriage clock by Alfred and Pierre Drocourt is in remarkably original condition with its distressed outer case.The large top glass shows the original, typical Drocourt escapement with push repeat button to the edge. There is much written about Paul Garnier in the book about Carriage clocks written by C. This fine clock is currently in careful restoration. Rear wound with a key, a 30hr jeweled lever movement contained within the gilt case and stand. Pounds 90mm x 40mm x 40mm A fine small carriage timepiece in solid silver by Mappin and Webb of London.The movement has been fully dismantled and overhauled and is functioning beautifully. The back plate is stamped with Paul Garnier, Paris. Thomas Cole was born in Somerset in 1800 and by 1838 had moved to London and started producing fine clocks of his own design by 1845 and in 1851 he stood at the Great Exhibition. A very attractive, rare piece and very collectable. This clock has the London hallmarks for 1901 together with the Mappin & Webb Logo stamp. Interestingly Hamilton and Inches are still based in Edinburgh and are still selling fine clocks.The movement is completely original, serviced and sold with a full 12 month guarantee. The clock is stamped 22495 which could be attributed to Henri Jacot. The movement is completely original and serviced , polished and sold with a full 12 month guarantee . This clock has been fully restored , serviced and regulated . The hallmarks for William Comyns and Sons Ltd who worked from 41-47 Beak Street, London. Pounds 19cm x 10cm x 8cm A fine and very original large carriage clock by Tupman of London . Pounds This fine gorge cased carriage clock was made by H. The clock is in very original condition with a masked dial and top glass to view the original Bi-metallic , jeweled lever escapement . Pounds 16 x 9 x 8cm A fine , satin gilt carriage clock in a superb , large early cast 'gorge' case with 2 bell strike on the quarters , push repeat facility and alarm . This fine clock also retains the original large silvered platform and jeweled lever escapement. The dial showing Roman numerals with the blued steel Breguet hands . To watch a youtube video click HERE Height 180mm , Depth 85mm , Width 95mm £4250.00 G. Pounds 18 x 10 x 9cm A fine 'Grande Sonnerie' carriage clock in a gilt gorge case with a white enamel dial unusually signed Henri Jacot , Paris. Grande Sonnerie striking , Petite Sonnerie and fully Silent if you wish . The business was set up in 1885 and they were very well known silversmiths until the 1930's . What is unusual and quite rare is the arrangement of the bells (with one positioned vertically above the other) and how it strikes - on the first quarter you have a single hammer blow on one bell , two blows for the half , Three for the quarter too and then on the hour it strikes on the two bells . Pounds 10cm x 4.5cm x 5.5cm A fine small carriage timepiece by well known silversmiths Henry Matthews who were working from Vittoria street in Birmingham circa 1896-1909 and this clock has all the hallmarks for 1901 . Push repeat and gong striking on the Hour with alarm facility . Pounds A good example of a 'Corniche' carriage clock with strike on a gong . The perfect enamelled dial showing Roman numerals and blued steel Breguet hands . L to the front plate and numbered jeweled lever , platform escapement . Pounds 18 x 10 x 9cm A fine 'repeater' carriage clock by the very prestigious retailers - Howell and James of Regent Street, London. 160mm x 90mm x 75mm A fine gilt gorge cased carriage clock with push repeat and alarm, retailed by the well known clock makers Charles Frodsham and made by Henri Jacot.

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