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However, it is believed that around 13 per cent of the UK population have started to avoid the protein by choosing such products instead.

And the figure is even higher in the US, with a quarter saying they had consumed such foods in 2015 - a 67 per cent increase in two years.

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When you are struggling and feeling incompetent (you may from time to time), always remember that most (probably all) programmers, new and experienced alike, feel this way sometimes, or have felt this way at some point during their programming career.

Remember to dig deep and don’t get frustrated; just carry on and stick with the task until you figure it out, for a worthwhile reward awaits you when you triumph in the end: programming is fun, liberating, and lucrative.

Dr Mahady wrote on the website: 'For people without coeliac disease, there’s no evidence to support claims a strict gluten-free diet is beneficial for health.'It’s even possible the opposite is true, and the avoidance of dietary whole grains resulting in a low fibre intake may be detrimental.'Coeliac disease sufferers often restrict themselves from eating the protein as it can make them severely ill.

She pointed to a 30-year long study which found gluten-free diets had no impact on boosting heart health.

We are looking forward to using Live OCD Free and conducting research on it at the OCD Institute.

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