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I still have that Ethan Allen sofa (bought in 2004) and those 2 caramel leather chairs.

The chair of many fabrics has gone to a friend of mine.

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But a love of decorating started for me way before I ever got in my first house in 1985. These days, it’s not easy at all in the picture-driven world we live in, to find what makes us truly happy and content.

I’ve always liked pretty surroundings and living in a comfortable space that reflects who I am and how I want my home to feel. If you hang out online for any length of time, you will see numerous styles that are popular and trendy, from Farmhouse, Industrial, Rustic, Coastal, Shabby Chic, to Traditional and Modern. It’s just sometimes hard to figure out what you want to live with and how to update what you have to stay at least a bit current. I know my current style is not popular with everyone and my taste in decor has changed just like most of yours has over the years.

My mom made these window treatments and all the pillows.

It all looks so over the top to me now, but back then we were all sporting a similar look. The styles that are around today weren’t prevalent at all.

You younger girls who have not been keeping house this long may not remember these trends and styles that well, but your mother probably did this. Then the red kick came along and I had to have red in the living room.

I had to scan these pictures from my old photos for amusement and visuals. I migrated sometime in the 90’s to the Hunter green era (remember that? Red doesn’t do much for dark wood furniture, but it definitely perked up the space.

This is a long post, so make yourself comfortable on this one……It’s been awhile since I did a lengthy decorating post and I thought this would be a fun topic to talk about.

I’ve written on the subject of finding your style (5 years ago) before and let me tell you, I certainly don’t have it all figured out.

I don’t miss them a bit, but I thought they were SO pretty back then. Somewhere along the way, I watched Lynette Jennings do this little project on her TV show. My foyer was painted green then and I had fake plants all over the place here too. It’s hideous to me now, especially with that wood on top of it.

I am dying over this now, but back then I thought it was so cool. That big Italian inspired tapestry wall hanging, I just had to have and I was SO proud of it too. But, you’ll recognize this armoire as still in my current bedroom.

Yes, it was way too much, but I didn’t think so then.

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