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Since the 1980s, however, Paula has been on a steady decline as she slowly but surely falls from fashion.Today Paula is hanging on at position #725 on the charts (2012) but she may be on the rebound, having just regained the lead over Paulina. Sixes are in love with the idea of love in its idealized form - and with their magnetic personalities, they easily draw people toward them.

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One of the more enduringly popular boy’s names, Paul has been in constant use among English-speakers since the 16th century. Oddly enough, she’s lost her luster among English speakers in more recent times.

Paula also dates back to the classical era as evidenced by Saint Paula, a 4th century Roman borne to the aristocracy but who gave her life over to helping the needy. As a female given name in the United States, Paula dates back as far as the government has been tracking naming trends (1880).

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Pulling her own money, she made a demo singing tape and soon had a full album with Forever Your Girl in 1988.

She went on to have four number one hit singles with the likes of Straight Up and Cold Hearted.At Loopylove we believe dating should be a fun, laidback and sociable affair.You can stand out from the crowd with your very own personalised profile.Acting every bit as youthful as the pop divas today, Paula bumped and grinded in perfect unison with her stage company.At one point, smoked filled the background as she threw her head back and was lifted high in the air with only her feet and shoulders supported.Paula is the female version of Paul, from the Latin “Paulus” which was an old Roman family name dating back to Antiquity meaning “small, humble”.

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