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Paul Mc Cartney is rubbing his eyes, literally and metaphorically.

Literally, because when we meet this week he has just flown back from playing a private gig in Las Vegas.

The Twitter account of Harrison’s estate shared some of his performances.

He's excited about the TV special tonight, Live Kisses, in which he performs songs from his last album of standards Kisses on the Bottom, a mischievous title which is actually about signing kisses on a letter, a line from the opening number, “I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter.” In a stylish black-and-white film, he performs as vocalist with no guitar, alongside Diana Krall on piano, a top jazz band and guest stars Eric Clapton and Stevie Wonder.

But we talk also (unusually for him) about his family, about John Lennon and The Beatles in the early days, about his happiness with his new(ish) wife Nancy, but also about the darker side to that era of innocence, the current clamour over Jimmy Savile, child abuse and inappropriate sexual relationships with adolescent girls in the Sixties and Seventies.

With Mc Cartney, the enthusiasm and passion for his day job is undimmed. Now there is a great young generation of people who can also do it, but it tends to be that the people packing them in are the people who have the material, have hits and – I think that's important – songs that people know. I don't want tickets not selling but then they ring me up and say Chicago's 40,000 seats sold out in six minutes, it's a record, and I didn't know it was even possible to sell out in six minutes, then you think of Madonna and Gaga and U2 and Coldplay and all the people who have played there and I just broke the record.“What it does for me is that it's not that I'm being kind of cute about it, it's more the fact that when a big show like that sells out in six minutes, I then know when I go on to that stage that those people were that keen to buy a ticket that I know they are my friends and we can have a good time. And I realise that in the early days half the reason for your nerves was you go on stage and think will they like me, will they like our songs?

I think they have stagecraft, they have an ability with an audience.“I'm still cautious. ”I'm talking to Mc Cartney in his Soho Square office.

We were working in Yorkshire and we were still living in Liverpool.

And we were coming back from a gig and he came in our van over the Pennines. He told us all these stories about his wartime exploits how he had been buying chewing gum and nylons and all that, and selling them. He was the older hustler guy, and we were very amused by these stories because he was a great entertainer, but we dropped him off at his place outside his house and we said, 'can we come in for a coffee?

The acerbic side was there but it was only part of him.

He was also such a sweet, lovely man – a really sweet guy.

Watch: C6eg9T5 VWnip QT— George Harrison (@George Harrison) February 25, 2018To celebrate what would have been George’s 75th birthday here’s a special video version of “Blue Jay Way.” This was a special feature in the 2012 release of the restored #Magical Mystery Tour film using footage not seen in the original film.

Fats Domino - whose most famous songs include "Blueberry Hill" and "Ain't That a Shame" - began his music career in 1949, teaming up with trumpet player and bandleader Dave Bartholomew, who produced and co-wrote Domino's first record “The Fat Man” that same year.

Mc Cartney walked the route himself the next night. Mc Cartney says touchingly: “There is this period of John which is all pre-Beatles, pre-huge fame, pre-drugs – and it is another John completely – that was always there right until the end.

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