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We also consider aggregated, de-identified, and/or anonymized data to be Non-PII.

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Cookies allow the site and services to recognize your browser.

And the site or service that places a particular cookie has permission to read the contents of that cookie each time it communicates with your browser.

And for websites, our Advertise product helps drive advertising revenue, without which the free Web we all use every day would not exist.

In short, we try to make online advertising more efficient and pleasant for everyone.

(In the apps, this code is called an SDK.) When a user views a site, or uses an app, with one of our Tags, our servers are notified, and we are able to collect information from the browser or mobile device.

Log Data includes (1) information sent to us by browsers that encounter our Tags, including, for example, browser type, browser time, time of access, screen resolution, IP address, referring site URL, current site URL, and search strings; and (2) information received from the Quantcast SDK embedded in mobile apps, which may include the above as well as device identifier, location information, application data and usage information, and unique application and installation identifiers.

Important note about cookies: If you visit a site with Quantcast cookies with your browser set to accept cookies, we will assume that you have consented to our setting and reading cookies from your browser.

You do not have to use cookies, but if you do not accept cookies, you may not be able to use all portions of or all functionality of the Services.

Some jurisdictions consider IP addresses to be PII.

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