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After his campaign in Spain, he made peace with the inhabitants of Saragossa on condition that they would deliver to him the sacred vessels and the stole of St. The present church of St-Germain-des-Prés still preserves some columns from the triforium, which must date from the first building.

Christopher the first charity hospital ( Hôtel-Dieu ) of Paris, and who caused the monk Marculf to compile, under the name of "Recueil de Formules", the first French and Parisian code, which is a real monument of the legislation of the seventh century; St. Theodechilde, first Abbess of Jouarre, and who had, during his youth in England, instructed in Christianity the King of the Saxons; St.

Hugues (722-30), nephew of Charles Martel, previously Archbishop of Rouen and Abbot of Fontenelle.

As the Carlovingians most frequently resided on the banks of the Meuse or the Rhine, the bishops of Paris greatly increased their political influence, though confronted by counts who represented the absent sovereigns.

The bishops were masters of most of the Ile de la Cité and of a considerable portion of the right bank, near St-Germain-l'Auxerrois.

Marcellus on the left bank were the oldest necropolis of Paris; here have been found nearly 500 tombs, of which the oldest date from the end of the third century.

Doubtless in this quarter was situated the church spoken of by St. This bishop, who was a native of Paris, governed the Church of Paris about 430; he is celebrated in popular tradition for his victory over a dragon, and his life was written by Fortunatus.

It is certain that the Christian community of Paris was of some importance in the third century.

Recent discoveries seem to prove that the catacombs of the Gobelins and of St.

When the Normans entered Paris in 845 or 846, the body of St. They established themselves in the abbey, but left on payment of 7000 livres, whereupon the saint's body was brought back with great pomp.

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