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Cæsar Julian, later emperor and known as Julian the Apostate, defended Lutetia against fresh invasions from the north over the road from Senlis to Orléans.

There, in 360, he was proclaimed Augustus by his soldiers, and Valentian I also sojourned there.

Ruins have also been discovered of an arena capable of holding from 8000 to 9000 persons. Until the Revolution the ancient tradition of the Parisian Church commemorated the seven stations of St. Clement, dates only from the end of the eighth century.

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Christopher the first charity hospital ( Hôtel-Dieu ) of Paris, and who caused the monk Marculf to compile, under the name of "Recueil de Formules", the first French and Parisian code, which is a real monument of the legislation of the seventh century; St. Theodechilde, first Abbess of Jouarre, and who had, during his youth in England, instructed in Christianity the King of the Saxons; St.

Hugues (722-30), nephew of Charles Martel, previously Archbishop of Rouen and Abbot of Fontenelle.

As early as the ninth century the property of the chapter of Notre-Dame, established (775-95) by Bishop Erchenrade, was distinct from that of the diocese, while the cloister and the residences of the canons were quite independent of the royal power.

Notre-Dame and the Abbey of St-Germain-des-Prés were then two great economic powers which sent through the kingdom their agents ( missi negociantes ), charged with making purchases.

The re-establishment under the Restoration of the Archdioceses of Reims and Sens removed the Dioceses of Troyes, Amiens, and Soissons from the jurisdiction of Paris, but the Dioceses of Blois and Chartres, created in 1882, were attached to the Province of Paris. , while defending against Cæsar the tribe of the Parisii , whose capital it was.

In 1841 Cambrai, having become a metropolitan see, ceased to be a suffragan of Paris, Arras being made its suffragan. The Romans erected a new city on the left slope of Mt. That the Romanization of Paris was very quickly accomplished is proved : At the end of the third century Lutetia was destroyed by the barbarians, but an important military camp was at once installed in this district.

Martin of Tours — one near the present Notre-Dame, the other further in the country, in the place where the Church of St-Martin-des-Champs now stands.

Childebert (died 558), son of Clovis, having become King of Paris in 511, added to the religious prestige of the city. Vincent, which later took the name of Germain himself.

The Carlovingian period opened with the episcopate of Déodefroi (757-75), who received Pope Stephen at Paris.

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